localism 2.0

Localism 2.0 looks at options for the further devolution of power, not just to local government but also in the first instance to citizens and communities.

The Research Director for the the Localism 2.0 research paper was Martin Wheatley. He was a Whitehall civil servant for some 20 years, working in the Cabinet Office, Treasury, Social Exclusion Unit and elsewhere in policy and organisational change roles. During that time he spent a year as Fulbright Fellow at the Hubert H Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota. He also worked for Croydon Council and the Local Government Association before becoming an independent policy adviser in 2011. He is a Research Fellow of the Smith Institute.

A discussion paper was produced for the GovernUp Conference on 11 February 2015 giving more context to the project and the issues to be explored. The paper can be downloaded here and the presentation here.