For the first time since the Second World War, all three major parties have current or recent experience of government. During a competitive general election, one issue achieved cross-party consensus: the need to secure better government in Britain. There have been calls within Parliament for an independent review of the civil service. GovernUp aims to produce the research to enable politicians to take soundly-based decisions.

The time has therefore come to take a fresh look at:

  • The organisation of government; 
  • The balance between central and local power; 
  • The role of modern politicians; 
  • The skills and accountability needed in today's Whitehall; 
  • The opportunity for technology to transform government and its relationship with citizens. 

GovernUp brings together senior politicians of all parties, former civil servants, Whitehall advisers and business leaders in a new project. 

Our mission is to analyse the current problems, challenge the terms of debate, and consider the far-reaching reforms needed in Whitehall and beyond to enable more effective and efficient government, with better economic and social outcomes for the British public.