GovernUp is an independent research project.


GovernUp was set up in 2014 as an initiative of The Project for Modern Democracy. It brings together senior politicians of all parties, former civil servants, Whitehall advisers and business leaders.

Our mission is to analyse the current problems, challenge the terms of debate, and consider the far-reaching reforms needed in Whitehall and beyond to enable more effective and efficient government, with better economic and social outcomes for the British public.

We launched interim papers for each of our six projects at a conference in February 2015. We subsequently produced a discussion paper on broadband in December 2015, a report on justice devolution in December 2016 and reform proposals for the new PM in July 2019.

We are working to:

Produce a rigorous body of evidence to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current system of government;

Generate radical but workable solutions to the long-term challenges that require reforms; 

Shape public debate and build a new cross-party consensus on reform, based on the conclusions of our research. 



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