Justice Devolution

GovernUp has also studied the potential for devolution in the criminal justice system, publishing a report in December 2016. The report argues that devolution, in its many forms, will help to prevent crime and reduce re-offending by giving local areas the tools and the incentive to invest upstream rather than just managing the costs of failure.

The author of the Justice Devolution report was Harvey Redgrave, Director of Strategy and Insight at Crest Advisory. As one of the UK’s leading experts on crime and justice policy, Harvey brings a wealth of experience from a decade spent working in government and parliament. Prior to joining Crest he was most recently Head of Home Affairs Policy at the Labour Party. Before that he was Deputy Director at the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit where he ran the home affairs team and led several major strategic reviews on behalf of a series of UK Prime Ministers. GovernUp’s justice devolution project has been supported by the Hadley Trust.

This report forms part of GovernUp's Localism 2.0 project, exploring new ways to empower local communities. You can read the full report here and Nick Herbert's article in The Times about the report here.