Role of Politicians

The Role of Politicians project studies how to make ministers more effective in their roles.

The Research Directors for the project were Dr Robert Kaye and Paul Richards.

Paul Richards is a writer and political consultant.  He has worked with government officials in Iraq, Pakistan, Kenya and Pakistan.  He was a special adviser to two Secretaries of State in three departments.  He was a parliamentary candidate in 1997 and 2001.  He is author of four books including Labour's Revival (2010) and Tony Blair in his own words (2004).  Paul is a former chair of the Fabian Society.

Robert Kaye is a former special adviser on justice and constitutional affairs to the Conservative Party. He was Head of Strategic Policy at the Law Society.

A discussion paper for the project was prepared for the GovernUp event on Wednesday 11 February 2015. The paper can be downloaded here and the presentation here.