Repurposing Whitehall

Repurposing Whitehall is considering whether the current organisation of central government is fit for purpose, and how to build a more flexible and accountable system.

The Research Director for Repurposing Whitehall is Martin Wheatley. He was a Whitehall civil servant for some 20 years, working in the Cabinet Office, Treasury, Social Exclusion Unit and elsewhere in policy and organisational change roles.  During that time he spent a year as Fulbright Fellow at the Hubert H Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota.  He also worked for Croydon Council and the Local Government Association before becoming an independent policy adviser in 2011.  He is a Research Fellow of the Smith Institute.

A discussion paper has been produced for the GovernUp Conference on Wednesday 11 February.  That paper can be downloaded here and the presentation here.