GovernUp is an independent, non-party research initiative that will offer evidenced-based solutions for all political parties to adopt.

We are working to:

  • Produce a rigorous body of evidence to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current system of government;
  • Generate radical but workable solutions to the long-term challenges that require reforms; 
  • Shape public debate and build a new cross-party consensus on reform, based on the conclusions of our research.

We will complete the first phase of this work before May 2015, in time for the major political parties to take up our ideas for their manifestos.

In a unique model, we are:

  • Working collaboratively, not competitively, with think tanks that have expertise in this field, commissioning research, rather than undertaking it all ourselves;
  • Using advisory panels of Parliamentarians and civil servants to act as reference groups for our work; 
  • Opening up our research programme from the start so as to involve interested parties.